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We wanted to go out to celebrate my friend’s birthday and choosing a restaurant for someone in an elimination diet was not an easy task. Japanese restaurants were almost good but they use too much soy and sugar; Indian food was perfect: oh no, they use too much cayenne and chili peppers, same as Thai and Vietnamese. So although these last restaurants don’t use much wheat, dairy or eggs in their cooking (and they are not incorporated in the food, so you can separate the allergens), they use soy, sugar and peppers in the cooking process. The only other option I could think was Middle Eastern: hummus, lamb, rice, garbanzo beans (ask the restaurant about their falafel, if they use wheat, red pepper or baking powder, some of them don’t), lentil soups (check with them, sometimes they use tomatoes), they are all good for an elimination diet. Skip the pita, the tabbouleh, kibbeh, fatouch and babaganoush. And many Middle Eastern restaurants don’t serve alcoholic drinks so your friends can be very “supportive” by not drinking. So we ended up going to Marrakech Cafe. Click here to check my review at Yelp.

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