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Thank You!

Thank you everybody, we just went past 1,000 hits in less than one month! I mean number of page loads but, oh well, it’s a great number! I am very excited with the feedback so although I am in the middle of the reintroduction phase, I’ll keep posting more recipes.


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Reintroduction Phase

Hi Friends!

Yesterday was my last day of the three week elimination diet. I had a great time planning recipes and cooking.  And eating, of course. I will start a 15 week culinary arts program in March and I am hoping to bring this kind of  cooking up a level when I am done, and possibly, will be doing some personal chef work. I’ll keep you posted!

I am might create a new blog for the reintroduction phase to post specific recipes that contain “Foods to Avoid” in  case some interesting recipes come up. I’ll let you know. I believe there will be many recipes in the reintroduction  phase that will still fit the elimination phase. In that case, I will still post the recipes in this blog.

I will also repost some recipes from my other blog Umami What’s for Dinner that can be used in this elimination diet. I’ll hope to do it soon. So keep checking, or if you prefer, subscribe via email so new posts will be emailed to you.

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Happy 2010!

That 2010 finds all in good health and great disposition to help the needed. That compassion, gratitude and love fill your hearts. Happy New Year!

Here is the menu for the New Year’s Eve dinner:


Lima Bean Dip, Hummus, Mary’s Gone Crackers, Celery and Carrot sticks.


Arugula, Bitter Baby Greens, Sesame Seeds, Sunflower Seeds with Olive Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar.

Main Dish: Chicken Biriyani

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Doing any diet is much easier if you are prepared: plan, shop, cook ahead. Today I am preparing some basic dishes that I believe are crucial to the success of this diet.

Hummus: it’s a great snack and it’ll be really nice if it’s there whenever you need a creamy savory bite.

Pesto: it enhances many dishes wonderfully with its complex flavors.

Soup: always have some soup ready, in case you need some immediate warm comfort.

It is also important to have the basic pantry and fridge items always ready, as well as oils, spices and herbs. My ingredients are the freshest possible (given that I live in Colorado and it’s winter now), all organic and non-processed.

It’s winter time here so you are going to see more soups than salads, more hot breakfasts than shakes, specially now, that we have single digit temperatures! If you are doing an elimination diet during summer time, I recommend that you eat more salads than soups, more fruit shakes than hot cereals. Your body will be grateful to you if you work in harmony with the place you live and the current season.

Let’s start cooking!

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Count Down

Count down to start elimination diet…  1 day!!!!

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