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I just put together some greens, yellow beets (I love them, and they don’t stain everything as red beets do), heart of palm, sprinkled with slivered almonds, sesame seeds, sea salt, black pepper, lime and olive oil.


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So I am thinking what do I have for breakfast today? I have a left over half sweet potato, some greens, avocado. I thought about adding some nuts or the leftover Indian cauliflower and parsnip but it was going to be too much. So I spread a little hummus in a brown rice tortilla, mashed the sweet potato and spread over the hummus, topped with the arugula and avocado. One thing about the brown rice tortilla: first, remember not to heat it too much, heat it just enough to make it flexible, then work fast as it gets hard when it cools down.

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The original recipe is from Food and Wine and it’s for pizza, see their recipe here. But I think the final result, which is delicious, looks and tastes more like a pancake, in my opinion. It turned out really good with salmon spread and arugula.


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