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We were invited to dinner at our friends Joe and Luiz, so I made a salad to take there. I put together romaine lettuce and English cucumber, topped with shredded carrots and sliced fennel. Then sprinkled with some black and white sesame seeds and dill.  I made a dressing with goat cheese, vinegar, white wine and dill, but if you are in the Elimination Diet, stay with lime and olive oil. The dinner was delicious and fun!

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Tea-Smoked Salmon

I adapted the recipe from a blog called Invitado de Invierno (see the recipe and blog here) and it looks like the recipe originated from “Simple Ming” episode 203. I have been making it over and over. The result is delicious, exotic and the preparation, more than easy.

I served it with on a bed of baby bitter greens such as kale, tuscan kale, escarole, radicchio and frisee, dressed with lime juice and olive oil. If desired, you could sprinkle some nuts or olives on top of the greens. Then I topped the with leftover roasted winter vegetables. I always cook a big batch of food so I can have it in more than once and/or I can use some of it when cooking further meals. This saves time and helps in case you are caught short handed. Also, note that I usually have a big piece of fish or meat in my final pictures: that’s for photographing purposes, I eat 3 oz of that portion, the rest goes for another meal!


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There is no fixed recipe for this very versatile breakfast. Today I used one brown rice tortilla, spread a thin layer of hummus all over it, covered the hummus with baby greens, a slice of turkey, ¼ avocado slices and some asparagus from yesterday. I wanted to add some winter vegetables but they wouldn’t fit!

Brown rice tortillas are delicious but a little chewy. It’s important to warm it up but not too much, otherwise it will get too flaky or crispy. Crispy is good if you want to make tortilla chips.

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