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Today I started the vegan week of the elimination diet. I had creamy rice with granola for breakfast. For lunch, I baked a sweet potato and boiled some brown rice pasta. When the pasta was almost ready, I added zucchini strips, drained and mixed with some pesto. There you go, delicious lunch in no time (given that you have the pesto sauce). Some meals are too simple to deserve a full recipe. If you’d like more details please let me know. Tonight I think I am making some Lebanese lentil soup, yum!

In order to get the most of a meal, focus on whole, fresh ingredients, try to bring lots of flavor into the dish by using herbs and spices and most importantly, make sure it has beautiful colors!

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Poaching is a very easy and healthy cooking technique. The fish was moist and perfectly flaky. The trick is not to boil the fish, but you need to bring it to boiling temperature slowly and keep an eye on the heat.

I served the fish with some brown rice fusili, broccoli and pesto.


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